How to Give Thanks in Your Community

Last Updated 12/16/2021in Information, Businesses, & Events

This year has undoubtedly tested the resilience and togetherness of communities around the world. But despite physical distancing, we were brought closer due to neighborly kindness and concern for each other. Gratitude should be expressed year-round, but Thanksgiving and the holiday season highlights the importance of spreading warmth and giving thanks.  

Support Small Businesses 

Small business owners manifest the idea that anyone with a dream and a good work ethic can succeed. They have worked hard building their business from the ground up and profit margins are discouragingly low for many. It’s more important than ever to support them this year. Small Business Saturday is November 28th! 

Grab Christmas décor and gifts from small businesses in Downtown Roseville such as Terra Cottage or AudacityRandy Peters Catering also offers holiday meals you can take home and share with your family!  

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Donate to Charities and Non-Profits 

Employees and volunteers of non-profit organizations work tirelessly to provide food, toys, clothing, and shelter for those in need and rely on donations to keep their programs going. Some Downtown Roseville non-profits include The Rock of RosevilleThe Salvation Army, and Project Go.  

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Thank Service Workers 

While many companies have adapted to working from home, there are sectors where working from home is not possible. Next time you see a service worker, especially one who is going above and beyond, thank them and let them know how grateful you are for their service.  


Be a Part of #WeAreRoseville 

Show your Roseville pride by printing a #WeAreRoseville sign to display on your window. Show your neighbors and those in your community that we are in this together!  


Love Yourself 

Don’t forget you are a part of the community. Self-love is the most important of all and radiates to those around you. Despite these uncertain times, be grateful for the things you still have. Being optimistic will make you a much happier person who can share positivity with others. 

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