Downtown Roseville Partnership has a major stake in the investment and growth of the Downtown Roseville corridor.

Proactive in Determining the Future of Downtown Roseville.

Lead and shape future services and improvements.

Attracting New Business and Investment Throughout Downtown Roseville.
Fill vacancies and attract new tenants to all areas of Downtown Roseville.

Creating a Private/Public Partnership with a Unified Voice for Downtown Roseville.
Leverage the parcel owner’s investment with additional public investment in Downtown Roseville.

Establishing Private Sector Management and Accountability
Develop plans and budget by a board composed of stakeholders, which is subject to private sector performance standards, controls, and accountability.

Property Owners/Businesses

We invite you to:

  • Attend meetings
  • Get involved with subcommittees and at board level
  • Recruit businesses to relocate to the District
  • Showcase open properties
  • Help us with calendar listings


Opportunities for interested businesses and brokers are based on commercial vacant lots for sale, lease options and sales of existing developed properties. 

For more information, please visit the City of Roseville's Economic Development page. 

Downtown Roseville Façade Improvement Rebate Program

Downtown Roseville Facade Rebate Program

The Downtown Roseville Facade Improvement Rebate program provides financial assistance to cover the cost of materials and City permit fees, in the form of a rebate, to property and business owners committed to enhancing the aesthetic of their buildings and overall appearance of Downtown Roseville.

More Information About the Program (Downloadable PDF)

Program Application 

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