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Board Packets

Below you will find all the supporting documents (complete board packet) for each monthly board meeting.

  • 2023
SeptemberAugust Meeting MinutesSeptember Regular Meeting AgendaStatus ReportMarketing ReportPatrol Incident Analysis

CCHF Charitable Donation Request Form

CCHF Board

CCHF 501c3 Letter

AugustJuly Meeting Minutes

August Regular Meeting Agenda

August Special Meeting Agenda

Status Report

Marketing Report

Patrol Incident Analysis

Bacon & Brew Charitable Donation Request Form

Lighting Quote

July Meeting Agenda

JuneMay Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Agenda

Status ReportsMarketing ReportDowntown Roseville Patrol Incident Analysis

MayApril Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Agenda

Status Reports

Marketing Report

Financial SummaryDowntown Roseville Patrol Incident Analysis


March Meeting Minutes

March Executive Meeting MinutesRegular Meeting Agenda

Status Reports

DRP Board Member ApprovalMarketing Report

PBID Assessment Rolls

Monthly Financial Statements

MarchFebruary Meeting MinutesMarch Regular Meeting AgendaStatus ReportsMarketing ReportBank Statement

DRP Advisory Committee

The Bash Flyer

The Bash Sponsorships


January Meeting Minutes

February Executive Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Agenda

Status Report

Marketing Report

Bank Statement


Annual Meeting Minutes Regular Meeting Agenda

Status Report

Marketing Report

Bylaw Revision Verbiage (Section 4)

DRP Revised Bylaws Signed

Bank Statement

  • 2022


Annual Meeting AgendaStatus ReportAnnual Report BidMarketing ReportCharitable Donation Request FormVerbiage for Bylaws Revision Action Items

Blue Line Arts Sponsorship Request Docs (Zip File)


Executive Meeting Agenda

Executive Meeting Minutes

Bank Statement

Marketing Report

OctoberSeptember Meeting MinutesOctober Regular Meeting AgendaOctober Regular Meeting Minutes

October Executive Meeting Agenda

October Executive Meeting Minutes

Status Report

Monthly Financial Statements

Revised Bylaws

Sierra Display Invoice

Bank Statement
SeptemberAugust Meeting MinutesSeptember Meeting AgendaStatus ReportMarketing ReportMonthly Financial Statements

Day Porter Report

Argument in Favor of Measure C

Notes for Bylaw Revision Conversation

Charitable Donation Request Form Submission

Hartford Insurance Invoice
AugustJuly Meeting Minutes August Meeting AgendaStatus ReportMarketing ReportMonthly Financial StatementsState of the City 2022 Event FlyerState of the City 2022 VIP Breakfast FlyerDowntown Roseville Bylaw Modification2021 Holiday Parade ResultsDRP 2022 Objectives
JulyJune Meeting MinutesJuly Meeting Agenda

Status Report

Marketing Report

Monthly Financial Statements

2022 Parade Proposal

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