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Come watch this performance happening at Roseville Theatre Arts Academy!


In the peaceful town of Tea Town, the art of tea pouring is a way of life. Master Tea Pot prepares to train two new apprentices (Chami Meal & Porcy Lain) in the martial art of tea pouring until two villainous henchmen (Dee Caff & Dubble Shot) from Coffee town kidnap Master Tea Pot! Upon hearing this treacherous news , Mayor Drinkmore Snapple convinces Chami & Porcy to team together to follow the path of enlightenment past Lake Cinnamon Fire, through the Dark Roast Forest, and finally to the henchmen's lair! Can Porcy Lain & Chami Meal work together? Come find out and see RTAA's Treehouse Players World Premiere of "Big Trouble in Little Tea Town." A family show written for kids, by kids.

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Roseville Theatre Arts
241 Vernon St., Roseville, CA 95678
Jan 22, 2022
2:00 PM PST to 3:30 PM PST
RSVP Required:Yes
Accept Registration Online:No