Refresh, Renovate, and Revive Downtown Roseville

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There are many reasons why a city should invest in reviving its Downtown. One reason is that Downtown serves as a central gathering place for the community. Additionally, many tourists from outside the community are also interested in visiting a city’s Downtown. Downtown and main streets reflect the economic health of the community. More specifically, our Downtown is the heart and soul of Roseville. 

To add to this, small businesses are the backbone of the economy and a means of survival for the owners, employees, and their families. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses make up 99.9% of U.S. employer firms and nearly half of Americans are employed by small businesses. Downtown Roseville is composed almost entirely of small businesses and local nonprofits. 

The City of Roseville and Downtown Roseville Partnership (DRP) have long recognized the importance of Downtown Roseville and have been making improvements to the Downtown area. Learn about a couple of the ongoing projects below, each with a goal to make Downtown an even more beautiful place to visit.  



A collaboration between City of Roseville and Downtown Roseville Partnership, property and business owners with buildings within the Downtown Roseville Business Property District (PBID) can apply for a rebate ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 towards their project. A maximum of $1,000 can be applied for City of Roseville permit fees and the rest towards the cost of materials.  

Some improvements that qualify for the rebate include signs, awnings, windows/doors, paint, lighting, stucco, siding, tile, and landscaping materials (e.g. fencing, planters, trees, bushes, pavers, etc.)  

Since the program began, it has paid out $35,000 towards improvements to the following buildings: 



Rebate Amount

311 Judah Street

Siding, Windows, Paint, Resurfacing Parking Lot, Landscape


106 Judah Street

Sign, Fencing Screening 


105 Vernon Street

Windows, Lighting, Awnings, Doors, Landscaping 


500 Vernon Street

Stucco, Paint, Windows, Lighting, Awnings, Doors 


The following are upcoming projects:



Rebate Amount

347 Atlantic Street 

Awnings, Lighting, Paint, Sign, Decorative Material, Door 


400 Vernon Street

Lighting, Paint, Sign, Windows, Fencing for Outdoor Dining 


Previously, 240 Vernon Street (now Monk’s Cellar), 241 Vernon Street (now Roseville Theatre Arts), 417 Vernon Street (Tower Theatre), and others benefitted from previous façade programs through the redevelopment agency or Roseville Community Development Program.  

For detailed information about the current program and how to apply, please visit this page on City of Roseville’s website.  


Sponsored by Downtown Roseville Partnership, Blue Line Arts has created many vibrant works of public art in Downtown Roseville and throughout Roseville as part of the Roseville Mural Project. These pieces help to brighten up the area and to create a lively and welcoming scene.  

Visitors who park in the Vernon Street parking garage will be greeted by a colorful and symbolic mural that reads “Welcome to Downtown Roseville” by artist Ellie Gainey. You won’t be able to miss Madelyne Joan Templeton’s “Native Florals & Patterns” if you walk by Lucy’s Hair Salon. This painting of a beautiful woman surrounded by roses is certainly very alluring. Stop by for a new ‘do while you’re there!  

The following is a list of current murals in Downtown: 


Name of Mural


Lohse Apartments Lobby 

"Coming Together"

Women Veterans and Jennifer Iams-McGuire

Lucy’s Hair Salon 

"Native Florals & Patterns"

Madelyne Joan Templeton

Bill Smith Photography 

"Dorothea Lange"

Rafael Blanco

Vernon Street Parking Structure


Ellie Gainey

Blue Line Arts Alley

"Our Neighborhood"

Youth Mural Camp

Project Go

"Roses are Blue"

Ali Futrell

Acton Academy

"In the Air"

MJ Lindo & Joshua Lawyer

When the murals are being painted, Blue Line Arts holds guided mural tours so the public can see these masterpieces come to life right before their eyes. Self-guided tours are also recommended, and Blue Line Arts includes a map on their website to help you through it. Previously, a mural scavenger hunt has also been held to engage the community.  

There have been talks about an additional round of murals in 2022. We will post updates regarding this as we receive more information.  

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