Let Health and Wellness Be Your Guide This Spring

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Many say springtime, a season celebrating freshness and renewal, is their favorite. This is especially true for Californians who get to enjoy West Coast weather. The crisp air and warm sunshine boosts mood and increases productivity. And we think there’s no better way to take advantage of its splendor than by focusing on our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being! 


Mental health is something that should not be neglected. To effectively assist others, you must first help yourself and be in a positive state of mind.  Many factors can contribute to stress and negativity in our daily lives, which is why it is important to incorporate some de-stressing techniques into our regular schedules.  

After a long work week, it is not surprising to feel sore and tense muscles. Downtown Roseville is a hot spot for the best massage therapists in town. A massage treatment, such as one from Body & Soul Therapies, will help you unwind both mentally and physically. 

If you are feeling chronic pain in the joint areas of your body, then seeing a chiropractor is certainly a worthwhile investment to your well-being. The damages of prolonged poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle can become permanent if you do not quickly seek relief and therapy. Visit a chiropractor in Downtown Roseville who is dedicated to helping you live pain-free!  

chiropractor in Downtown Roseville


If you are sticking to your fitness goals for the year, we are proud of you! Being disciplined about health and fitness may not be an easy task for everyone. In that case, we recommend group or personal workout sessions with a qualified trainer, such as Winks Fitness. A personal trainer is not only there to show you effective exercises, but also to motivate you to continue your fitness path.  

A good workout plan needs to be coupled with a healthy diet to be the most effective. With many different diets available and contradicting health advice in the media, it can be difficult to know what is best for you. That’s when a dietician can help. The professionals at Optimal Weight and Wellness Medical Center skips the cookie-cutter diets and present you with a fully customized, sustainable plan based on your unique body composition and your needs.  

Now that the weather is at its nicest and brightest, remember to take in some fresh air and sunlight every day! For those working from home, an afternoon on the patio or even just a walk to the mailbox beats being cooped up indoors all day long.  


In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), be mindful about sustainability. One way to be sustainable is to consider long-term environmental effects instead of focusing entirely on your present needs when making your purchasing decisions.  

For example, minimize plastic and container use by purchasing or reusing a vessel that can be reused repeatedly. Village General Store and Refillery is a proponent of this eco-friendly practice. Customers can bring in refillable containers and purchase household essentials, such as grains and detergent, in bulk. Additionally, they also accept recyclables and help you recycle those items properly.  

Instead of buying retail, purchasing second-hand clothing is also another wonderful way to live a sustainable lifestyle. Threads Clothing Exchange sells a variety of women’s clothing and accessories, most of it in excellent condition. Sell your preloved items and rotate for something new in the same trip. And even better, the prices are friendly to your wallet!  

Have you visited The Robin’s Nest? It is the new vintage store in Downtown! Like clothing, you can give vintage and antique home decorations a new life by using them to decorate and furnish your home!  

Village General Store/The Robin's Nest
Bulk Goods from Village General Store & Refillery | Vintage Stoneware from The Robin’s Nest 


Our Downtown Roseville non-profit organizations cover a variety of worthy causes, but they have the common goal of helping our community thrive. The Salvation Army assists those in poverty, Wellness Within supports individuals and families affected by cancer, and Blue Line Arts celebrates local artists and offers art education programs, just to name a few. April is the National Month of Hope — donate and/or volunteer, give back and feel good! 

Bridgeway Christian Church is also organizing Love Roseville this year as a citywide event to support our city. Sign up now and participate in a project on April 27th. Join the first-ever rally on April 27th at The Rock of Roseville and be a part of something big!  

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