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Have you been wanting to learn how to paint in oil or acrylic? Or perhaps you have been painting but are stuck in a certain area and looking for guidance? Students of all skill levels are welcome to join us for a 6 week class led by artist, Barbara Davies, to learn or refresh on foundational painting techniques to take your work to the next level! Each weekly session will feature an art demonstration and focus on a different area of development:

Week 1: methods & materials, acrylic vs. oil paint; brush types, mediums, substrates, color mixing, paint application. DEMO: Students create a simple painting while following along with instructor. Students choose an image for their own paintings for next class.

Week 2: DEMO: Preparing canvas with an acrylic ground. Tracing & transfer: Students either draw or transfer their images to canvas using tracing paper and transfer paper. DEMO: Instructor creates a simple value study using acrylics. Students create value study using acrylics and apply their first layer of body color using oil.

Week 3: DEMO: limited palette color mixing; tint, tone, shade; value. Color temperature, color recession, blending. Background, middle ground, foreground, Students work on their paintings.

Week 4: DEMO: values create form; Cool colors recede; warm colors advance. Students demonstrate color recession, simple color mixing, paint application and blending techniques while working on their paintings.

Week 5: CRITIQUE: suggestions, what’s needed to finish paintings. DEMO; glazing to create recession, creating color harmony, final highlights. Varnishing to unify gloss.

During this class, students will learn how to:

Transfer an image to canvas
Create a value study
Choose appropriate bushes, paint and mediums
Mix colors from a limited palette
Create color tints, tones and shades
Apply paint to canvas using various techniques
Blend paint on canvas effectively
Use glazing techniques to create various effects
Materials and supplies: students are welcome to bring in their own painting supplies and materials that they prefer to work with.

The following will be provided by Blue Line Arts for each class session:

Individual workstations for each student including a standing easel
A variety of acrylic and oil paints, mediums and brushes
New gallery wrapped canvases in a various sizes to start new projects
Tracing paper
Transfer paper
Drying Linseed oil
Disposable paint palette paper
Baby oil for brush cleaning
Small cups for medium
Paper towels, tape, scissors

Teaching Artist: Barbara Davies

6 Week Art Class on Wednesdays:

Start Date: 4/12/2023

End Date: 5/17/2023

Time: 10am – 1pm

Member Price*: $240

Non-Member price: $295

*please note: to unlock member price, members must sign in to account at

Space limited! Register today
Blue Line Arts
405 Vernon St., #100, Roseville, CA 95678
Apr 12, 2023
10:00 AM PDT to 2:00 PM PDT
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Accept Registration Online:No
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